Set in the Atlantic and the Caribbean during the time leading up to the War of 1812, this was my first foray onto the sea.  With visions of Errol Flynn flying through the rigging, I blasted into my first sea battles and had a rip roaring good time doing it.  Those who may be familiar with the original book will realize this ebook edition is subtly different from the print version, in that I was able to remove some of the coarser aspects of the story...aspects that were accepted in the 80's, even expected in most historical romances.I have always endeavored to keep my stories realistic, some to the point of making editors cringe, and it would have 
been realistic in 1812 for the captain of a privateering vessel to simply take any woman who fell into his hands, without regard for who she was or how hard she fought him.  Nothing made me snort louder than reading a pirate adventure where the big bold virile beast of a pirate captain declares upon first seeing the beautiful, helpless damsel (who spits defiantly in his face to prove she isn't all that helpless):  I will win her over with my charm. 
Sure. And prance off through the field of flowers while you do.

Interesting tidbit: This was my second, and my last book for Avon Romances. It sort of put me off when a new editor told me she thought China Rose and Bound by the Heart were "insipid" books that could have benefited from her brilliant editing and perhaps even, her creative contributions.  She hated the titles, wasn't all that keen on the stories themselves and probably would never have accepted them had SHE been in charge at the time.

Riiiiiight. Like every author wants to hear that.
It marked the first...and by far not the last time I stood up for myself, told the editor she was a putz, and chose to walk away rather than have to deal with someone who had never written a book herself but of course knew all about writing and could do it better. *snort*

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