This is the sequel to Across A Moonlit Sea.  Simon Dante and his wife Beau Spence have raised two sons and a daughter, Juliet, who have all taken to the sea in their father's footsteps.  Juliet is the captain of the Iron Rose, and while out cruising the Caribbean, she comes across a Spanish galleon attacking an English merchant ship.  She enters the fray and captures the galleon, rescuing the remaining crew of the English vessel before it sinks.  On board is Varian St. Clare, an emissary from the king, sent to the Indies to try to convince the privateers to honor a peace treaty being negotiated between Spain and England.
The Iron Rose is pure swashbuckling adventure.  It would make a great movie, because that's how I saw it in my mind while I was writing it.  The book was released right around the same time as rumors were floating around that Johnny Depp was going to make a pirate movie for Disney.  We all know how the movie turned out, with subsequent sequels that I have been first in line to see.  Oddly enough, the publisher didn't want any more sequels for the Dante family.  I had deliberately written in the two brothers, Jonas and Gabriel and more or less set them up to have a story or stories of their own, but the powers that be in the publishing world said: nah. No one wants pirate stories anymore.


Wonder if Johnny Depp could step in here and make a comment. *snort*

Anyway it has taken 7 years and the brave new world of self publishing to open that sea chest again.  There is finally a third book in the works, titled The Following Sea and with luck and a bit of sea salt over the shoulder, it should be ready to set sail by Christmas this year.
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